Hello, I’m Lorenzo!

Come and see the wonders

of Maremma Tuscany!


The Red Road is a project born from a love

The Red Road is a project born from love, the love for Maremma: a land full of charm and traditions.
From this passion arose the idea of being able to share and spread in a conscious and "slow" manner the beauties that make this land unique and special.
In this place, ancient civilizations have lived, worked ed loved, leaving their memories engraved in the land for future generations. It is upon these traditions that I have created my tour proposal.

"The trails, the land, the sand, the shore of the sea, even the stones and the mud, are tailored to the body and the thrill of being".


What do I offer?

Themed Hikes

Begin a journey to discover the history of the people that shaped these land. From the mysterious Etruscan to the mighty Romans, and to Lombards and Aldobrandeschi family.
Every step will reveal you enchanted places and fascinating stories, in an adventure that intertwines past and present.

Food and wine hikes

Immerse yourself in an unique experience that awakens all the senses. Admire incredible works sculpted in the rock over 2500 years ago, listen to the sounds of the forest, touch the millenial history and delight your palate with wines, cured meats and local cheeses.
A journey that combines culture, nature and authentic flavors.

Hikes with our four-legged buddies

Enjoy a unique holiday surrounded by nature with your best friend and strengthen the emotional bond. Explore activities focused on the well-being of both, with the possibility of customizing the experiences to address specific needs, ensuring a deeper understanding and a shared harmony.

Do you want a customized trek?

Do not hesitate to contact me to create your personalized trekking,
contact me and I will recommend the right itinerary for us to undertake together!



Sovana: the forgotten tombs

Pitigliano in the footsteps of Etruscan: hike and wine tasting

The via Clodia:
from Etruscan to Lombards

The Armine river,
a dive into history

Sorano, the Vie Cave and Cantina della Luce

Saturnia and the misterious healing waters

What .

Veronica Bevilacqua
Veronica Bevilacqua
Finalmente abbiamo potuto fare un'escursione guidata, accompagnati dalla nostra cucciola. Un'esperienza incredibile e la guida, Lorenzo, Top!
Andrea Mammoliti
Andrea Mammoliti
Escursione magnifica con Lorenzo per le vie cave che, con la sua passione e conoscenza, ci ha fatto innamorare della Maremma e della civiltà etrusca. Non vedo l'ora di provare nuovi percorsi la prossima volta!
Matan Doron
Matan Doron
Take a walk in natural areas filled with history. Lorenzo shares his knowledge and passion with his guests for a truly great experience!
Sean Arian
Sean Arian
What a great guide Lorenzo is. Knowledge funny and a really sweet guy. He took us on a beautiful hike through the hills of Saturnia that ended with a dip in the famous hot springs. He also took us to a wine festival and introduced us to all of the young up and coming local wine makers (who are all his friends). Did I mention he took us to his wine cave (yes, he has a wine cave!)?
Ann Wiame
Ann Wiame
Lorenzo van the Red road was een prima gids. Een pittige wandeling maar toch te doen voor 50 plussers die wij zijn. Hij leerde ons veel over de Etrusken en het ontstaan van de grotstraten. Prachtige natuur en eeuwenoud. Een aanrader!! Spijtig genoeg hebben we de wijnproeverij niet kunnen doen maar dat blijkt ook een unieke ervaring te zijn. Zeker doen indien mogelijk!!
amanda bonnette
amanda bonnette
Please stop by this was a true authentic small batch wine production You can get a tasting and buy your Wine. Talk to the maker and learn their story !
claudia zonghetti
claudia zonghetti
Il giro con Lorenzo delle tombe etrusche "dimenticate" o meno note (oltre che del parco archeologico vero e proprio) è stato davvero molto, molto interessante. Lorenzo mette gramde competenza, ma anche passione ed entusiasmo, nel far scoprire luoghi meno scontati a noi turisti spesso troppo frettolosi. Grazie ancora di cuore, e a presto!
Allegra Alcoff
Allegra Alcoff
We had a wonderful experience with Lorenzo! He was very knowledgeable and passionate about his work; it was a treat to learn from him. We would definitely come back to do it again!
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