Hiking with our

Four legged

What is
this project about?

This idea is born from the desire to create a synergy between the natural world and our best friends world, so that being together with your furry friend can give added value to the spectacle of the Etruscan-era Vie Cave that will host us. Walking those ancestral paths with our puppy will deliver us important sharing moments and memories outside of the everyday life, bringing a benefit to the relationship.

With whom?

With Lorenzo, a licensed trekking guide and Benedetta, a professional dog trainer.


Along the Vie cave, huge man-made canyons surrounded by the beauty of the Tuscan Maremma.


It is possible to organize private or group hikes taking in consideration your and your 4 legged buddy’s needs.


We will walk, listen, observe. This hike will leave you open mouth! Be ready to have all yours and your furry best friend senses involved.




















Who will be joining me
in this adventure?

Meet Benedetta!

HI THERE! The name is Benedetta and I am originally from the Tuscan Maremma, more specifically from a beautiful little village called Manciano. Born into a family that has always loved animals, I grew up among dogs, cats and chickens. I remember all the furry friends I grew up with such as Biagio, Dero, Rodi, Gaio, Gigia and which, not only represent dear memories, but also teachings that have contributed to mold the person I am today.

As time passed by, I felt the need to learn more about animal species, especially that of dogs. I deeply believe that the respect for every living being is nourished not only by love, but also by knowledge, which is why I decided to do my bachelor and later one my master in Animal Breeding Techniques and Dog Education at Pisa University. In addition to it, I fuel this passion of mine by participating in seminars, dedicating myself to specific readings and delving into the paths and woods of the Maremma together with my dog Misa.

By proposing these itineraries with Lorenzo, I hope to be able to take you into my world, where man, animal and environment come together into a single connection.

Facilities that could host

you and your puppy in the area

Poggio di Teo

For vacations immersed in nature, wellness, and relaxation. 2.5 km from Manciano and 8 km from the Terme di Saturnia.

Le Macchie Alte

Surrounded by the tranquility of the typical hills of the Tuscan Maremma, three ancient stone farmhouses welcome guests to the Organic Farmhouse.

Aia del Tufo

The organic farmhouse in the heart of the municipality of Sorano, among the green hills of Fiora, near the enchanting villages of Sovana and Pitigliano.

Podere Le Chiuse

In the countryside of Sovana, surrounded by fields and fruit trees. 9 km from Pitigliano, 2.5 from Sovana, and 25 from the Terme di Saturnia.

Agriturismo Fontenuova

In Saturnia, near the hot springs. Surrounded by the gentle hills of Maremma and nestled in the natural park of the Albegna River.


Located in Sovana, 20 km from the Terme di Saturnia and 10 from Pitigliano. Perfect to visit the archaeological park and the tuff villages.

Il Petriccio Rosso

Riding stables, dog daycare, and many other activities in this hotel located on a hill with views of Manciano and the Montauto Valley.

San Giacomo

Rustic-style apartments 3 km from Sovana, strategically located to visit the tuff cities and the Vie Cave.

"The dog's steps beside us, the sense of an ancient alliance, the harmony of a communication that needs no words."

Roberto Marchesini

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